Friday, June 27, 2014

Salam Ramadhan

Are we ready for Ramadhan?

I always hope for a better Ramadhan each year. Please pray I have all the energy & courage to make it happen.

To all Coffee Mama blog reader, Selamat Berpuasa.

Coffee Mama

Monday, February 3, 2014

Looking for the best coffee in Seoul (coffee lovers heaven)

Seoul skyscraper 

I don’t know how to start writing on my Korea’s trip. I have so much to share. But I think I’m not a good travel writer. I do love reading those who blogged about their travel experience. It helps a lot, especially to someone like me who planned her trip totally based on what she google! Yes, I google everything (who’s not, rite?). 

I guess I’m not going to write every single detail of my trips starting from Day 1, 2, 3….. So much as I want to but I don’t think I will be able to remember everything. As I mentioned in my previous entry, this is really a last minute trip which I didn’t get to plan for it properly. My itinerary is just on a piece of paper. There is no details on where & how should I go to every single places. Did I mention that we spent almost freaking 2 hours at Incheon Airport just trying to rent a portable wifi device so that we can google on how to go to our hotel in Seoul from Incheon. I don’t know how time flies so fast :-P. Hmmm? Maybe I should start with what we’ve been doing for those 2 hours. Should I? Ok maybe not.

We are lucky to experience the first snow for the season in Namdaemun Market. Can you see it?

I will start with my favorite drink, coffee. I love coffee, the bitter the better :-P

Seoul is a coffee heaven for me.  I love the fact that they have variety of coffee shops in every corner of it streets. Coffee shop is everywhere! However, it is not that cheap especially all those big cafe chain. It would cost you almost about the same price Starbucks charge u here in Malaysia (around RM12 – RM16 per cups).

Let see which coffee shop win my heart!

Caffe Bene 

This is the first cafe we tried. We are on our way to Yeoido Park when the wind blew hard in the cold early winter weather. It is damn cold and we just stomped in to the nearest cafe we saw. The cafe interior was sleek and modern. We both ordered Caramel Macchiato. According to Paparil, this is the best Caramel Macchiato among all. I guess the first is always the best, agree? 

 Caffe Bene signature, Crayon Pop girls 

Tom’s & Toms

We dropped by to the one near Cheongyecheon stream. It is nice strolling down the stream with a cup of coffee in hand (minus the cold weather).  

Cheongyecheon stream, river in a city

Cafe Pascucci at Myeongdong Street

Our tour guide’s friend recommended this cafe and rated their Caramel Macchiato is the best among all the cafe she tried. This is not a Korean based cafe chain but Italian based instead. But, honestly, I can’t remember the taste of the coffee, maybe it’s not something worth remembering? Or am I too sleepy or exhausted after a few trips back & forth in Myeongdong shopping street? :-P

Holly’s Coffee

I remember this cafe! Do you know why? *wink wink* There are 2 reasons which make me remember this cafe the most. Firstly, this is where I tried Citron Ice Tea for the first time and I really love it! I can still remember the taste even now. Hmmm...I have to change my earlier statement on “the first is always the best” to “the first is the hardest to forget”, sounds familiar?

Holly's Coffee, a cafe to remember

Apart from being a coffee lover I’m also a shopaholic myself. I went a little too overboard while shopping in Ewha. I have abandoned Paparil for about an hour at Hollys’s Coffee to continue my shopping spree. Sorry Paparil :-) I love shopping! 

 Man's heaven, the beautiful Ewha Women University. Girls are everywhere + magnificent view

Paris Baguette

The last coffee we had while in Korea is in Paris Baguette. We tried the one in Incheon Airport itself while waiting for departure. Other than coffee, Paris Baguette is famous of selling bread and pastry.

Flying to Coffeeland, anyone?

So the winner is Citron Ice Tea in Holly’s coffee! My most memorable drink in Korea is not even a coffee. Hehehe…Till we meet again. Bye peeps!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to a bright & colourful 2014

How is my new blog template? Do you like it? It seems lively than the previous template, rite? I want my life in 2014 blooming with flowers and full with color of happiness. I want to paint my 2014 with colors, bright & happy colors. I know the first 3 month of the year will be the most stressful month (as usual) of the year. However, I will try my best to tolerate it and when it’s over I promise myself I will try to make up for all the missing minutes, hours & days.

As usual, wish me luck for 2014!

Coffee Mama