Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh baby I…Missing you…

Hello peeps! I miss u ols! Do you miss me? Hmm..whatever. My last entry was on 29 June 2011 which is a few weeks back! I miss writing here. Every day, I always have something to write about. And I keep saying to myself, I want to write about this and that..and..bla..bla..What I usually do is drafting the entry on my mind (Haha..yup, I do that..weird?). And surprisingly it feels like I actually did write the entry (which is obviously not..duh…). When I actually have the free time to write the entry, I kind of forget everything I want to write! (Ya..ya..I know..I’m not supposed to draft the entry on my mind..ya..ya..)

I have set up a new blog “Coffee Mama & Contest” especially for iPad MySuperKids contest and other online contest that I may want to join in the future. I think it would be easier to have a separate blog for contest.

So, I don’t know when I will have the time to write again. :-(. Till then, bye peeps! Sobs..sobs..

French loaf and coffee for breakfast