Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sharing is Caring: Kidz Sports & Gym at Empire, Subang

New play gym is in town! Check it out :-)

Located at:

Upper floor, Empire Shopping Gallery

Entrance fees:

1. RM10++ for 2 years and below*

2. RM20++ for 2 years and above *

*I can’t remember the exact fee, hence the ++ sign

1. It is a new playgym. Thus, everything is in a good condition.  
2. They have ball pit! (Rara’s favorite which is not available at Megakidz Mid Valley)

Not so Good:  
1. Limited space and less variety in younger kids play area. (Kidz Sport One Utama & Megakidz have better play area)

Will we go again?  

Yes, definitely!

Rara’s favorite of all

I have to accompany Rara to climb this. She won’t go alone. (I’m not complaining but I actually enjoy it!)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sharing is Caring: Blogging using Microsoft Word 2007

I have discovered new thing today! I can actually post my blog entry using Microsoft Word 2007. That is exciting, at least for me. All the while I’m using blogger as the only platform to write my entry. Yet to try the suggestion by Ms Write Addict to post entry using email. I know everyone would suggest using Window Live Writer. But, I have limitation to install any kind of software in the computer *hint2*.

So, for those who does not know, let me show you the way:

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Word 2007

Step 2: Create NEW document. Two options will pop out. It is either creates “Blank document” or “New blog post”. So, of course you choose New blog post!

*Click for larger view

Step 3: Type your entry. You can insert picture too without downloading. (Errr…But my picture does not appear in my blog post. I’m not sure why and need to explore further. Sorry, I’m a newbie)

Step 4: You have to register your blog account before you can post the entry. Go to “Manage Account” tab and create New account. You have to choose your blog provider and key-in your blogger account info. 

*Click for larger view

Step 5: After you complete the registration, Click “Publish” tab. It will request your username and password. After that you are done! The entry will up and running in your blog :-)

Isn't it great how simple thing can cheer you up? Explore everything around you and you might be surprise of the outcome. Have a nice week ahead. Be good peeps!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Siapa punya bau ni? Masalah..masalah..

Semalam kecoh satu ofis. Selepas lunch, ofis telah digembarkan dengan bau yang sungguh menusuk hidung dan amat  kurang menyenangkan. Kecoh. Macam ada orang hilang duit RM1 juta la lagaknya! Hehehe. Ini kisah benar ye bukan rekaan semata-mata.

Bermula la aktiviti menyiasat tapak kasut masing-masing takut ada tahi yang tak diundang melekat di tapak kasut masing-masing. Ada yang tunjuk secara terang-terangan dan ada yang diam-diam check kat tempat sendiri *saya la tu* Masih tak dapat dikesan. 

Maka langkah ke-dua bermula, iaitu sembur perfume secara besar-besaran. Setiap cubicle ada bau yang berbeza-beza, ada Estee Lauder, DKNY Apple (ok, yang ini tipu, this is actually my wishlist :-P) dan hand sanitizer. 

Tapi, ada bau lagi. Macam mana ni? Jadi kena teruskan ke langkah ke-tiga, call unit penyelenggaraan dan cleaner. Siasatan secara serius harus dijalankan. Hehehe. Serius tak? Ok, nak cerita ke kesudahan bau busuk ni? Tak payah la, dah jadi entri merepek dah ni.
My favorite green apple
Sebenarnya, yang penting adalah pengajaran daripada cerita ini. Setiap masalah mesti ada jalan penyelesaian  walaupun sebesar-besar atau sekecil-kecil masalah. Kita perlu berusaha dan bukan sekadar berpeluk tubuh atau melarikan diri dengan harapan masalah akan selesai. We need to find the first step to initiate the solution. Things won't change unless we try to change it. Cewwaahhh..Macam pakar motivasi. Peringatan untuk diri sendiri sebenarnya.  

Kesimpulannya, kalau sanggup tahan bau busuk tak payah buat apa-apa. Sanggup ke?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Anniversary 101

Do you celebrate your wedding anniversary? Haha, I know…It’s a silly question. I guess most of us celebrate our wedding anniversary. Even to some of us, we celebrate our monthlyversary! (I do, before we get married *blushing*)


Ok, next question. Do you know that only today I realized that my wedding anniversary has passed by without me even notice it! *slap myself first, then virtually slaps Paparil* Yes, we forget about our BIG day! Time flies and now here we are trying to find excuses for forgetting our wedding day.

I can’t remember. Am I too busy 2 days ago? Let me check my phone maybe there is a clue :-p Oh yes, we actually quite stress that day because of Rara’s babysitter! The whole day I’m worrying about how to deal with the babysitter issue and busy looking for new nursery/taska for our little Rara. Ok, that is valid reason, rite?

So, let's talk about our wedding day. Exactly,errrr…how many years have we been married? Ok wait, I need to get my purse and check my ‘kad nikah’ to find the exact year *slap myself again*. Yes, 3 years, we have been married for 3 years! 3 years of ups and down.

3 years ago, our white & pink wedding

Even though I forget about our wedding anniversary this year, I will always remember the feeling I had during that day. The easy word to explain my feeling is HAPPY. Yes, I am happy. So, Happy 3rd year Anniversary Paparil! I want my dinner!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My heart skips a beat

Ok done. I have removed the annoying comment box in my left-side bar. It full of spammer and defeat the purpose of having it! So, if anyone wants to leave any message you can either email me at or you can drop a comment on my latest entry. Ok peeps?

Since I have one available slot after removing the comment box, I decided to add the Heartbeat banner (next to my Nuffnang ads). Do you know what is Heartbeat? I get to know about Heartbeat from BabyIbu. She has once post an entry about Heartbeat.

Heartbeat is an online shopping website where you can buy a customized gift for your love one. They have quite a wide range of products. The one that attract my attention are car sign, coaster, photo balloon, mouse pad and mini tee! birthday is just around the conner. Maybe you can buy one for me, no? :-P

This is cute! For Rara’s birthday party, maybe?

Your very own car sign

Mini tee

Other than buying a gift for your love one, you can join their affiliate programme. It works like other online advertising company. You will earn income when you refer other people kind of thing. Interested? Go click my banner on the left-side bar, next to Nuffnang ads! Hahahaha…Bye peeps!

Not so Wordless Wednesday: Love you, Love you not?

This is my first not so wordless Wednesday.  I love this photo, even though it’s just the back of my love one! :-P

Love is not definable