Thursday, August 30, 2012

My first ever island vacation – Tioman Island

Oh yes, the title is so true. Hmm…wait a minute. Ok, not 100% true. I went to Pulau Pinang & Pulau Pangkor when I was a little kid with my beloved family. But, it doesn’t really count because I never got to do all those island trip thingy as such snorkeling, island hopping. Ok, fair enough.
We went to Tioman somewhere in June. This time around is not just the 3 ‘angry bird’ trip. We went with my big family (parents & siblings). Tioman is indeed a peaceful island with beautiful beaches. I don’t want to write much but just want to share the beautiful memories with pictures. (I do actually want to write more but a few emails from work make me sick and hence the sudden change of mood :-(..)   

The 6 excited people getting ready for island hopping. Lil Rara opts for another trip with my parents..hehehe

We are here! The happy faces :-)

We went to a few islands but I can’t remember the exact names for each of the island. Hmm...Taman Laut, Renggis Island and etc. We were charged RM100 per person for the trip (quite expensive, rite? Hmm...) For a first timer, we do enjoy our day! Even though it’s quite scary to let myself into the water when only 1 from the 6 of us can swim and the rest is just flapping our way around the water in a ridiculous motion..hahaha. We had a great time laughing to each other :-P

Rara favorite place: the pool
We stayed in Berjaya Condo. It’s not that far from Berjaya Tioman Resort but it’s a hilly ride though. So, it’s not advisable to walk (at least for us). However, they do provide a bus every hour to go up and down from the condo to the resort.

And the last picture..Rara’s Tioman style
P/S: Salam Aidilfitri to all my readers! Mucho gracias...:-)