Friday, April 15, 2011

Mengamuk dan kasut tengah jalan

Pagi ini agak emosi.  Nampak kasut tengah jalan. Kasut kerja warna hitam. Sebelah je. Gosh…Maknanya ada accident. Haih…Jenguk-jenguk luar, nampak ada orang terbaring tepi jalan dengan kaki menggelupur. Anak siapa? Bapak siapa? Cucu siapa? I don’t know…But, I know that I feel sad. Hopefully he’ll be alright.

Nice..I wouldn't want to see these shoes in the middle of a road, please..

Every time I saw an accident, it reminded me to one of my friend. She died in an accident. She’s on the way back to her hometown with her husband to see her daughter. Her husband survived with minor injury. But she died. Life is unpredictable. Allah knows the best.

Kemudian, tukar-tukar channel radio. Cari-cari kalau ada lagu best untuk kembali ceria. Ok, semua tak best. Dengar Hot Chat kat HotFM. Tajuknya “Mengamuk”. Korang selalu mengamuk? Saya? Hmm..people who knows me close enough should know :-P

Do you peeps watch this movie? Am thinking that I watched it, but I can't remember the storyline..

Ada seorang caller call. Lelaki. Dia mengamuk dekat bekas isteri dia. Dia cakap selama dia kahwin tak pernah pukul isteri dia tu. Tetapi, ada suatu hari bekas isteri dia telah memaki hamun dia dengan amat dasyat. Dia hilang sabar lalu memukul isteri dia dengan dasyat jugak. Dan yang paling menyedihkan dalam cerita amukan ni, anak kecil diorang yang jadi saksi amukan tu. Yes, their kid saw him beating his ex-wife. Kesian anak kecil tu kan? Tak pasal-pasal jadi mimpi ngeri.Haih…Kesian.

1.  1. Kasut jatuh tengah jalan boleh beli baru
2.  2. Luka dan lebam di muka boleh jumpa doktor, kemudian sapu ubat
Lu pikir la sendiri…Hehehe...

Ok bye. Nak pergi sarapan and bertwitter. Jangan tak percaya. Sampai-sampai ofis terus on PC dan tulis entri ni. Ok, dah lega sikit ke’emo’an tadi. Jom kerja di pagi Jumaat yang indah :-) 


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simple Chicken Spaghetti for Miss Rara

I don’t know which category of eater Rara falls into. Picky eater? Moody eater? As far as I know, she seldom eats. She can get through a day without eating any food at all! But, she drinks milk, a lot!

However, ever since she turns 2 recently, she kind of started to love foods. I don’t know whether this growing appetite is temporary or permanent. Thus, I made a few effort to keep her excites during meal time. I cook this simple chicken spaghetti and she loves  it!

Wanna try? Here is the recipe:

Simple Chicken Spaghetti  
Spaghetti (Cook in boiling water
Minced chicken (Ayamas)
Onion (I use big, yellow onion)
Black pepper & salt

1. Sautee onion with butter for a few minutes. 
2. Then, add in carrot. Mixed it for a while. Put aside.
3. Cook the minced chicken with butter. Then, add in sausage.
4. After that, put back the onion and carrot. Mixed well.  
5. Add in the spaghetti. Stir.
6. Lastly, add in black pepper and salt. Done!

Oh, by the way, I love the taste of sautéed onion with butter! The sweetness and the juicy of the onions makes me happy *weird*. Ok, bye peeps! Have fun cooking for your kids!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miss Rara, the girl who turns 2

Miss Rara, Happy Birthday to you. You are indeed a precious little girl. The miracle and the cure to our family.  

This poem is dedicated to you, my darling Rara 

The newborn Rara says "Hi" to the world

 The now 2 years old Rara, looking forward for a brighter future
Love ya! Hugs & Kisses from Mama.

Monday, April 4, 2011

When I cook.....

I don’t know what gets into me last weekend. I’ve been cooking the whole weekend like a real housewife! I am actually loves to cook. But, that is long time ago. Ok, not so long ago. But, since giving birth to my precious little Rara, I seldom cook. Blame it on the hormone. Luckily, Paparil is not a fussy husband type. I admire all the wife+mom in the world who manage to work, cook, cleans, laundry, take care of their kids & husband and etc. Whooshh..that is such a long list to do for one person. Reading the list alone make me headache.

Let's see what did I cook last weekend...*drum roll*

Pancake & Coffee (notice the cup? D for presentation skills..Haha)

Steam white pomfret, Prawn sambal, Steamed broccoli in oyster sauce

Baked chicken with steamed broccoli & fried oyster mushroom

Oh, by the way I heard that MasterChef is coming to Malaysia! Dare to join? It's time to sharpen your cooking skills peeps...