Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday [7]: What's on the plate? Yummy or Gross?

Hello peeps! I promise my Wordless Wednesday entry today will be short and sweet :-P

Can u guess what’s on the plate? Even Paparil can’t recognise it. Hahaha. Siapa boleh teka I belanja virtual kopi secawan! Mari..mari..mari..!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Resepi Puding Jagung Kak Farah, kakak ipar si Fuzzy

Resepi Puding Jagung Kak Farah, kakak ipar si Fuzzy

Panjang tak tajuk resepi? Hehehe…Tapi memang betul ye caption di atas tu. Resepi puding jagung ni memang saya belajar from Kak Farah melalui si Fuzzy. Setiap kali nak buat puding jagung yang lemak berkrim ni mesti telefon Fuzzy. Sehingga satu hari tu si Fuzzy naik bengang dan suruh saya copy and paste resepi ni kat peti sejuk dan jangan telefon dia lagi (exaggerate sket :-P).

Ok, rasanya cukuplah mukadimah tentang asal usul resepi ni. Here is the recipe:

Puding Jagung

1 cawan tepung kastard
1 tin jagung dalam tin
1 tin susu cair
1 cawan gula (kalau nak kurangkan dan tambah pun boleh, terpulang pada lidah masing2 ye)
½ cawan santan
3 cawan air

Secubit garam

Cara-cara penyediaan:

1.  Campurkan semua bahan dalam periuk dan kacau sebati

2.  Masak di atas api sederhana sehingga likat dan berkilat (lebih kurang 15-20 minit)

3.  Tuang ke dalam loyang dan sejukkan.

Senang je kan? Resepi ni ditujukan khas buat Cik Ja yang takut nak mintak resepi daripada Fuzzy, nanti kena marah. Hahaha..Jangan marah ye Fuzzy, gurau2 je!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday [6]: Kid's E World at The Gardens Mall

Attention to all Mommies out there! A new play gym is in town! Check it out :-)

Kid's E World at the Gardens Mall

Location and contact details

Entrance fees or rates: Weekdays cheaper by a lot!

Your kids next birthday party venue?

Enroll your kids in KEW Club for better fees or package deals

My comments:

We happen to know about this new play gym while doing our Raya shopping recently at the Gardens. Since we are rushing for the shopping spree and fasting, we do not have the opportunity to let Rara try it. 

And plus the fees is far more expensive for weekends compared to weekdays! It is RM50 per entrance during weekend and RM30 for weekdays. I don’t know for you guys but for me it’s quite expensive for 2 hours play (no, it has no time limit but my lil Rara usually spent less than 2 hours in a play gym. She gets bored easily!) I guess Rara will have to wait for my next leave to try this new play gym.

Rara's experience in other play gym, check this out!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Spaghetti Adventure, anyone interested?

Have I told you that Rara is a picky eater? I think I have in one of my post. One day she’ll be eating like a lot (a lot for her mean 7-10 spoons of food) and another day she’ll just eat nothing. I hope when she grew older she’ll get the idea of eating every day. At the moment, I’ll just bear with her appetite and encourage her to eat more. *Sigh*.

Nowadays, spaghetti is one of her favorite food. Previously, she prefers simple, plain, no sauce, no color type of spaghetti dishes. But recently, she started to eat spaghetti with tomato sauce or in Bolognese style. The trick with her is to force her to try the food (same goes to Paparil..). If not she would just happily eat plain rice, plain noodle, and plain everything!

Thus, due to her current appetite, we usually eat at a place with spaghetti serving in their menu (Pizza Hut, Secret Recipe and bla..bla..bla..). After a while we get bored with the choices that we have. So, it’s time to try new thing! Among the ‘new’ that we tried are The Spaghetti Farm at Mid Valley and The Capricciosa at Sunway Pyramid.

The Spaghetti Farm, Mid Valley

The only photo I have from our visit at The Spaghetti Farm.  
I read some reviews from other blog on the spaghetti served here. It has a mix review. Some says it’s good and some says it’s the worst spaghetti ever. We had Chicken Bolognese and Black Pepper Chicken. For me both are edible and quite good! Even Rara and Paparil like it too. Maybe it’s not the best spaghetti I ever had but I have no problem coming back here next time we are in Mid Valley craving for spaghetti. 

The Capriciossa, Sunway Pyramid

The Capriciossa, Sunway Pyramid.

It’s supposed to be Lasagna. But it looks and taste different from the lasagna that I ever had. It’s more like a soup? The pasta is too little with a lot of tomato sauce. Is this really lasagna? I start asking myself after half way eating it.

Seafood Spaghetti, Paparil’s choice.
I would love to try their other dishes and hopes it turns out better than the lasagna. The price range for a plate of pasta here range approximately from RM15 - RM30. They also serve fresh pasta here! I would like to try those next times.  

Do you have any other suggestion for us?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dream first, think later...(not good, not good)

One of my colleague inform me that I’ll be getting a new laptop soon. Do you know what came across my mind? *feels shy to tell..ahem2x!* Ok, I’ll just be honest. I was thinking about a laptop bag! Guess it right peeps? (If my boss ever read this he/she will straight away disapproved the purchase of laptop :-P)

For a while I feels guilty for thinking about a bag instead of work related matter. But that guilty feeling doesn’t last long. It fades when I started browsing and googling online bag shop. Sorry boss, I’ll work harder later. For now I need this bag browsing theraphy…

Source: Google image
I used to use this kind of “school” bag as a laptop bag back then in my previous company. It is indeed convenience and practical. But I won’t do a lot of travelling in my current company and I want something feminine…Hmmm…

Source: Gin & Jacqie
How about this? More feminine and girlish. Errr…but maybe not the leopard print. I’m not that bold.

Source: Gin & Jacqie

I have this Gin & Jacqie tote in shocking pink idle in my wardrobe collecting dust. Maybe I can consider using this tote bag. Yeahh!

Dush2x! Ok, stop dreaming and back to reality. Laptop pun tak confirm dapat dah berangan jauh…Over tau! Belum lagi dapat iPad, tentu lagi jauh berangan :-P. 

Ok peeps, bye! Back to work...


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday [5]: Rara and her sunglasses

This is one of her favorite pastime hobby in the car. Playing and posing with sunglasses!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pantun Hari Raya ala Coffee Mama

Aidilfitri di nanti seminggu berlalu, 
Kembali ke rutin sehari-hari,
Para akauntan sibuk dengan closing,
Yang bukan akauntan sibuk update blog

Hehehe…Ok tak pantun pembukaan I? :-) Para akauntan jangan terasa ye...Bukan apa, tengok status kawan2 akauntan kat FB yang pakat pening kepala kena close akaun lepas Raya...Kesian...:-P

So, how’s your raya? My Raya + holidays were superb! The long awaited and anticipated Raya. I hope you peeps have a great Raya too.

On another note, during this raya I have been infected by a kind of “virus” or should I call it obsession? Hmmm…will tell you in my next update ya! For now, I would like to wish all of you "Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin..."