Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Job Interview Tips: First Impression

I believe most of you peeps have the experience of sitting in a job interview, have you? Well, I do. Why I am suddenly writing about job interview tips? Well, yesterday, I am on half day leave to renew my car insurance. Thus, I’m sending my leave application to my lady boss for approval.

Lady boss      : Kenapa you nak cuti ni?
Me                   : I nak renew my car insurance.
Lady boss      : (eyeing me) Hmmm…betul ni? Bukan nak pergi interview ke?
Me                   : Errkkk…huh? (confuse)
Lady boss      : Taklah, you pakai cantik-cantik macam nak pergi interview je..
Me                   : No…(Dalam hati: Eh, dia nak suruh aku berhenti kerja ke)

FYI, I do wear a new baju kurung yesterday. A plain light brown chiffon baju kurung with beads and sequins from Butik Dang Anum in SACC Mall, Shah Alam for RM50 only! (I bought two *grins*).
Ok2, my point is, I kind of agree with my boss. What to wear will be the first thing that pops out from my mind after I received a phone call from my potential employer. I may sound like Becky Bloomwood in Shopaholic series or Fazura in Gol & Gincu here..but, let me explain my point of view J

Tips #1: What to wear
The potential employer has selected your resume from the rest of the applicants. They know how impressive you are in a piece of paper. Now, it’s time to judge you in person. First impression is important. You, as interviewer, wouldn’t want to see your potential employee looking shabby, rite? (Err..unless, you are Chris Gardner in Pursuit of Happyness). So, dress appropriately depending on the position that you applied for.
Well for me, I would wear a light color working shirt & dark color pant with blazer. But, I always have this feeling, whether should I put on my blazer or not? How if I look like a CFO wannabe? But, over the time, I understand the concept of ‘you should wear the clothes and not the clothes wear you’. Be confident on yourself and you will be ok. Or else, opt for a baju kurung, a safe choice (but for guys, please don’t wear your baju melayu cekak musang, ok?).
This is perfect! I always wanted to wear a skirt to work, but no, don't worry Papa Ril, I won't do it. Maybe later, when Rara is older, we can play mix and match at home :-)

 Tips #2: Firm hand shakes
Take your potential employer hands and give them a steady hand shakes with a warm smiles and a simple hello. Do not talk unnecessarily or they can sense your nervousness. Watch out people! *evil grins*

Tips #3: Practice the “tell me about yourself” questions, at least twice
It is indeed a simple question. But this is always the first question the interviewer would ask. Remember my first point? First impression is important. Instead of traditional ways of introducing yourself, “Hi, I am Coffee Mama. I am the elder in my family..and..bla..bla..”, maybe you can start with “I applied for this job to explore my potential and develop my skills of..bla..bla…(be creative ppl, but be realistic too, or else you will sound plastic and hypocrite).

Tips #4: Ask questions
Please, prepared to ask questions. It shows that you are interested with the job and not just a passerby. Maybe you can ask; (i) What is the job scope and expectation?, (ii) Career development? (iii) Who will I report to? And etc.  

So, whoever is attending an interview any time soon, good luck! If you want to hear the words “You’re hired”, be prepared for the interview and make a good first impression J   

*All images are courtesy of Mr Google


Almiraz said...

Good tips....I might follow suit....

Coffee Mama said...

Hehe...Good Luck then :-)

Iz said...

I takde bontot, so tak boleh pakai seluar sbb sangat huduh rupanya nanti. Hahaha.. If pegi interview, i tengok company apa.. If rasa mcm company byk makcik je, i'll go for baju kurung (tp mesti la yg paling lawaaaaa sekali hahah)

If company macam high class sikit, baru la melaram macam ada event, kekekeke..

Coffee Mama said...

Betul tu Izzy, kena ikut environment company tu jugak, kalau tak nanti macam kera sumbang plak,hehe

p/s:Bila ada event mesti nak beli baju baru kan :-P

yatie chomeyl said...

i pun teringin nak pakai skirt jugak, tp macam tak reti nak jalan, I'll always opt suit to attend any interview :)

Coffee Mama said...

Hi Yatie! Thanks sudi singgah sini, teruja I..hehehe :-)