Monday, December 23, 2013

My 2013 addiction: Everything Korean

Yes, that has been my problem for 2013, a serious problem. I have become addicted to everything about Korea this year. It started with a Korean variety show which I accidentally watched starting May this year. I’m actually already drafting an entry about it in my blog but it stayed as a draft entry since July! Hahaha. It took me half a year to finally finish it. I guess I’m too busy catching up with my Kseries, Kdrama and the list goes on.

Here is my half a year worth entry:

For the past 2 month (read: May & June), I have been very quiet from social networking site, be it blog, facebook, twitter and even TV! Yes, I literally quit watching TV for the past 2 month.  I even stop following my favorite TV series (Scandal, Glee, Grey Anatomy and etc) in Astro StarWorld, 722 channels. It sound serious rite? I better not mention on how I prefer to stay at home rather than going out during weekend. Crazy me.

But I guess my obsession has slowly faded now since I’m able to write about it in this blog. *Peace*

I’ve been crazy watching a Korean variety show called Global We Got Married (GWGM). Before this, I could not understand Paparil obsession towards Running Man series (another Korean variety show). He practically trying to watch every single episode (they have 150++ episodes!!). Luckily, GWGM only has 15 episodes (phew!).

GWGM paired artist/idol from 2 different country to participate in a make believe marriage. Some sort like a fake marriage for them to experience a married couple life. Yes, I know. It sounds weird rite? How could I end up watching this kind of series? Hahaha. You peeps should try watching one of the episodes and u will know why :-P.

I would suggest starting from Ep1, Ep6 and Ep15.

For this season of GWGM they have 2 couples. The first couple is the popular Kpop idol, Ok Taecyon (2pm) from Korea and Emma Wui from Taiwan. And….my favorite couple, the one which hooked me up to this show, Lee Hongki (FT Island) from Korea and Fujii Mina from Japan. Their chemistry onscreen seems like watching a real couple falling in love. It warms your heart. (Ok, that is my biased opinion :-p).

And because of this show I fall hard with Lee Hongki band, FT Island. The band has a lot of great & catchy song. I’ve been around YouTube rooting for their song and live performance. Hence, for the past 2 months my playlist only consist of their song (yes again, crazy me).

 One of my favorite, You Are My Life by FT Island

Another one, a catchy upbeat song, I Want – FT Island

Even though FT Island is a Korean band but most of my favorite song is their Japanese song (You are My Life, I want, Theory of Happiness). Maybe I should start listening to Jpop or Jrock? Should I?

Ok, I should stop rambling or else I won’t be able to stop. I hope everyone is having a good day. Selamat berbuka peeps!

End of half a year worth entry :-P.

As a conclusion, you can say that my 2013 fill with everything Korean. Paparil and I ended up our Korean’s obsession year with a trip to Seoul last November. I will try to find time to share about our ‘everything last minute trip’. Bye for now. I hope we will meet soon and not at the end of Dec 2014. 

Coming soon...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Self reflection of 2013

I used to love reading and writing. Hence, I made this blog. But now technology has getting in my way. Now, I love watching (TV, YouTube, movie, drama and etc).  I read & write less. (I don’t even frequently do blog hopping anymore!) I also noticed that my writing & communication skills have dropped tremendously (not that I’m an expert before, but better than now). Word does not come out easily either writing or talking. I usually draft it my mind before I write or say something. Now, that is the only things I do. I draft it in my mind and consider it done. Everything is in the back of my mind. It sounds weird or is it normal?

Cafe full of books. A serene view while enjoying my cup of coffee.

As you could see, I only wrote 1 entry in 2013. Pathetic as it may seem. And now it’s already December! In 2013, my blog only has opening & closing. No content. Now, it makes me wondering. What did I done in 2013? Has my life become empty/boring too? Did I just wake up, go to work, home, work, home again routine?

(Wait a minute, let me check on what did I wrote in 2012. Maybe some hints?)

I see. I have a few new hobbies in 2012. Baking, cooking and gardening. How about 2013? I don’t even bake anymore. And all my pot plant has withered. :-( What is happening? Do I lack of motivation? Tenacity? I think I know the answer now, but I will keep it to myself. Yes, writing does help. It makes my scattered thought organized. It makes me see things clearly. I should write & read more (I’ll try).

What with the sudden serious entry, today? Well, it hits me when I was asking Paparil to go to the Big Bad Wolf (BBW) books sales with me last weekend. His immediate response, “Seriously? Buku tahun lepas dah berabuk dalam drawer tak baca2. No.” Really? One year?  I’m sorry books.

P/S: I still went anyway. *peace*