Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not so Wordless Wednesday [10]: Upin & Ipin love Green

Upin dan Ipin versi Hijau
(Rara and her cousin)

Monday, June 25, 2012

…less angry birds hit the road to Genting Highland

We went for a short trip to Genting Highland somewhere around April for Rara birthday’s trip. At first, I was contemplating to choose either Genting or Damai Laut Pangkor (they have Groupon’s promotion!). In the end after considering the amount of travel that we need to go through, we choose the nearest which is Genting.
Go Go Genting!

Paparil and I have been there twice as a couple. So I guess this is a trip back to memory lane when we were still young and lovey-dovey. Ahaks! Will the feeling still be the same? (Alhamdulillah…)
We stayed at Theme Park Hotel for RM128 per night via Agoda. It’s a new hotel and VERY near to the Outdoor Theme Park. It is just a jump away from the window..Hahahaha.
Our little girl is beyond excited, especially during the Skyway trip. However, when we reached the theme park she refused to take any of the rides! Why Rara why? So, we took the fun train ride as a warming up. She always loves taking the lrt. So this is definitely her most favorite thing to do in Genting. In the end after a few persuading & forcing session, we managed to get her on a few rides (with either one of us accompanying her…).
The Solere shot is definitely not for me and Rara :-P

The winner of Rara’s heart is their Rainforest Splash pool (water park). This is among the new attraction in Genting. Even though it’s just a basic heated water park with a few slides and limited space, she really enjoys it. We have to drag her out in order to get her out of the pool. She loves water! (But not the beach…).
Rainforest Splash pool, Rara's favorite

We have fun and a little bit of drama (when ‘someone left the car security’s lock key in the hotel room after checkout *ahemm*). Other than that, I would say this is among the best trip we had (not that we have many). We are getting less angry than our previous Cherating/Kuantan trips. Job well done!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Up and down of life

Alhamdulillah...akhirnya berjaya jugak mengatasi semua kesibukan, kemalasan dan macam2 hal lagi dan update blog yang kena tinggal ni...kesian...

So, what is happening around me? My life? I would put it this way...I'm in a phase of rearranging, readjusting and rebalancing my work, family and life. Complicated? No, it's not that complicated but it's a matter of self willing, effort and priority. A recent change and shift in work place have make my life upside down, enough said. Other than that, I am fine and thankful for everything Allah gave me. It's all for the best.

How about my lil Rara? She is growing!! Nowadays, she loves singing, painting and sticking stickers. I still yet to find time to create a learning routine for her. A 15 minutes a day session, maybe? I don't know. I have to change my routine before I can start her routine. Change...change...change... Why is it so hard to change??

My growing little girl

Till then, bye!

P/S: Oh by the way, the three of us, Paparil, Rara and I have turn 3(0) in these past few months!! Welcome to the 3 series club!