Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Incidental trip to Legoland Johor (hot) & Johor Premium Outlet

As usual, this is a long overdue post for a trip happens a few months back. Peace.

A trip to Legoland Johor
Shopping at JPO, Johor Premium Outlet

This is supposed to be Paparil’s trip for a paintball tournament in Johor. While Rara and me ‘menyibuk’ hoping for a side trip to Legoland & JPO. However, the tournament was cancelled! Yeehaaa! Since I have made the arrangement and booking for both hotel & flight, we decided to go on with the trip. Yeehaaa2x! (sorry Paparil..*peace*)

We stayed at M Suites Hotel which is near to Danga Bay area. The room was spacious and they have big swimming pool with slides suitable for kids (Rara’s favorite). However, the hotel is quite far from Legoland itself and the taxi fare was expensive! Phewww…
We are in Legoland on their 2nd day of opening. Hence, the crowd was huge! And the park itself was huge too! I don’t think one day is enough to explore the whole park, let alone trying every ride. They don’t have much option for a 3 year old kid like Rara. I think a 6 year old and above will have more varieties of ride to choose from.

The weather was very hot! Please make sure you bring a lot of water and spare clothes for your kids. They have café and mini kiosk selling food, drink and ice-cream (of course) along the way. Most of our money goes to all this café (and it’s quite expensive). However, we do enjoy ourselves, strolling the park minding our own business.Hahaha...Till then, bye!