Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simple Chicken Spaghetti for Miss Rara

I don’t know which category of eater Rara falls into. Picky eater? Moody eater? As far as I know, she seldom eats. She can get through a day without eating any food at all! But, she drinks milk, a lot!

However, ever since she turns 2 recently, she kind of started to love foods. I don’t know whether this growing appetite is temporary or permanent. Thus, I made a few effort to keep her excites during meal time. I cook this simple chicken spaghetti and she loves  it!

Wanna try? Here is the recipe:

Simple Chicken Spaghetti  
Spaghetti (Cook in boiling water
Minced chicken (Ayamas)
Onion (I use big, yellow onion)
Black pepper & salt

1. Sautee onion with butter for a few minutes. 
2. Then, add in carrot. Mixed it for a while. Put aside.
3. Cook the minced chicken with butter. Then, add in sausage.
4. After that, put back the onion and carrot. Mixed well.  
5. Add in the spaghetti. Stir.
6. Lastly, add in black pepper and salt. Done!

Oh, by the way, I love the taste of sautéed onion with butter! The sweetness and the juicy of the onions makes me happy *weird*. Ok, bye peeps! Have fun cooking for your kids!