Monday, April 4, 2011

When I cook.....

I don’t know what gets into me last weekend. I’ve been cooking the whole weekend like a real housewife! I am actually loves to cook. But, that is long time ago. Ok, not so long ago. But, since giving birth to my precious little Rara, I seldom cook. Blame it on the hormone. Luckily, Paparil is not a fussy husband type. I admire all the wife+mom in the world who manage to work, cook, cleans, laundry, take care of their kids & husband and etc. Whooshh..that is such a long list to do for one person. Reading the list alone make me headache.

Let's see what did I cook last weekend...*drum roll*

Pancake & Coffee (notice the cup? D for presentation skills..Haha)

Steam white pomfret, Prawn sambal, Steamed broccoli in oyster sauce

Baked chicken with steamed broccoli & fried oyster mushroom

Oh, by the way I heard that MasterChef is coming to Malaysia! Dare to join? It's time to sharpen your cooking skills peeps...