Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I wish I'm an angry bird

I feel mad. Mad as in “I am angry”. I don’t know who or what am I angry with. Urgghh… Obviously, I’m not mad at either of my family member. I’m just mad at myself, maybe?

The sulky mode began as soon as I stepped onto the office. So, it must be the office. The hard cold stoned office. Yes, it must be. The office is so freaking cold!! My brain, my hand and everything freeze when the ‘winter’ hit. But, today the office is not that cold. The weather in office is acceptable.

So, what is the next escape goat? Do I mad at someone in office? Or maybe I’m mad at the company itself? Yes, maybe… I can feel blood rushing into my head and the feeling is unbearable. But suddenly one of my colleagues reminded me… “Kerja adalah amanah”. Yes, she was right! I should be thankful for whatever I have today and stop complaining. Ok, back to work.