Thursday, December 22, 2011

My bedtime story and lullaby (Twilight version)

I have watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn, twice. Yes, twice. The first round was in the cinema and another round in the comfort of my own house (My sister tempted me with the uncensored downloaded version).

Did I enjoy the movie? Yes, and I can’t wait for the Part 2. So, out of curiosity and anxiety, I decided to read the final book! The book was thick and it seems forever before I can finish the book. However, thank you for smart phone apps and technology (Yes, I read the PDF version …sorry…), I was able to finish the book in a week! I read it everywhere. I read it in a car (thank you to the heavy traffic and Paparil for driving), lunch break and at night (mostly). I enjoy the book as much as I enjoy the movie. It was a happy ending after all.

Oh..oh..I also love the songs in the movie! My favorite song is the one that was played during the wedding vow. It was a lovely song (but the lyric was weird). It suits the scene perfectly. Here is the song, enjoy peeps!

Flightless Bird, American Mouth – by Iron & Wine