Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Room Service Deliveries, Food on your door steps

Oh, I love this kind of service. All you need to do is pick up the phone and place the order, as simple as A to Z. Instead of usual Pizza or McD delivery service, Room Service Deliveries is another way to pamper yourself. There are variety of restaurant to choose from, Chili’s, TGIF, Kenny Rogers, Papa Rich, Tarbush, Penang Village and a lot more. But, of course you need to pay for the delivery charge, nothing comes free nowadays.

I get to know about this Room Service Deliveries recently during my chaotic weeks at work, when we have to order take-away each night! The delivery charge varies from RM12 to RM20, depends on the location where you order from. Currently, they deliver to Bangsar - Petaling Jaya, KL - Ampang and Subang - Shah Alam area. Oh, they also operate in Singapore and Indonesia.

How to order:
Step 1: Select your city and area
Step 2: Choose your restaurant
Step3: Choose your dishes
Step 4: Call in or order online
Step 5: It’ll be there in 1 hour!

Well, they promise to deliver within 1 hour. But, when we order the other day they took almost 1 ½ hour to deliver the food (Hmm..maybe because we ordered a lot, the restaurant need more time to cook all the order, no?). All of us are starving and don’t have the energy to complaint, lucky delivery boy. So, I guess if you really hungry, go out and buy yourself or place your order earlier.

Here is a little detail, sharing is caring, remember? :-):


No to call
Malaysia:  1300-886-886, Indonesia: 6536 0065, Singapore: 021 740 1888