Monday, February 28, 2011

Win free iPad from MySuperKids: The Audition Entry

Win free iPad from MySuperKids: The Audition Entry

I want and will read every entry from Blog Doa Buat Alanna. Yes, that is exactly what I’m going to do. But who is Alanna, why I want to read this blog and what is this blog all about? All the ”Wh’ question popping from everyone heads, right? But if you have read my first entry on My Blog Hopping Journey, you may have a little idea.

Who is Alanna?
Alanna Qish is the loving daughter of Ayu & Shahrul and a beautiful little sister to Nadime. She has big sparkling eyes with heart melting smile. ADORABLE is the perfect word to describe dear Alanna.

Why Doa Buat Alanna?
Alanna is sick. Her mother created the blog for her. She names it Doa Buat Alanna, hoping the ‘doa’ from each and every one of the reader reach Allah. Hoping Alanna will be able to get through the worst and rise again. But, Allah knows the best. Allah has a different plan for Alanna. The best for Alanna is to be with Him and not with her family. That is the plan.

About why I want and will read every entry from Doa Buat Alanna
When I started reads Doa Buat Alanna, she’s already in a good hand of Allah. I cried reading every single entry in the blog. It is indeed a heart wrenching blog. But, I don’t stop reading. The blog inspire me. Why?

I am a new mother. I get pregnant because my friend is pregnant. I am unprepared mother with no expectation. I have no idea that my life will turn upside down once I have a baby. Yes, I am that naïve. Please, laugh at me.

But, don’t get me wrong. Even with all those chaos of having a baby, I do LOVE my little Rara unconditionally. It is unquestionable. But, I have trouble readjusting my life as a mother. I lose temper easily and feels burden with my new role. I even ‘refuse’ to breastfeed, silly me. Oh no, I feel like a bad mother now writing this.

As I mentioned in my first entry, Doa Buat Alanna gets me back down to earth. The story of Alanna makes me appreciate my little Rara more. Every time I read Ayu’s entry, I feel like I have been reminded to be a good mother and stop whining! So, that is why I want and will read every entry from Doa Buat Alanna.

To Ayu, keep writing and be strong.
To Mommy Lynna from MySuperKids, let me get through the audition and win the iPad :-)

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