Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Blog Hopping Journey

I love blog hopping. I hop around the cyber world almost every day, without fail! I dreamt of having my very own blog, always. I make a few attempts, but ended up nowhere. Now, here I am trying again. Finger cross :-)

Little baby steps:

Babyibu – I can’t recall how I stumble upon her blog. This is among the very first blog that I read. Her writing is simple yet informative. She talks about her baby a lot and I was pregnant with my 1st baby and there goes our chemistry. Her blog is my 'magic' link to other blogs. 

Restless toddler: 

Red Mummy – I was introduced to this blog by one of my officemate. I must say this is one of my favorite blog back then (back then? am I still reading this blog? Go figure :-P). Red Mummy shops a lot and I love shopping. I always refer to her blog for shopping tips and her daughter was adorable.

I want it my way teenager:

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Izzy – This blog resemble my teenage year in blog hopping arena. Haha, sounds melodramatic :-P This particular blogger is actually a friend of mine. She introduced me to many other interesting blogs! Be it gossips, or mommyhood.  And my passion for blog hopping grows tremendously with her guidance :-P Thank you Izzy! Err…the actual truth is I switch to a new jobs (from “no weekends” job to 9-5 jobs!) and I have all the time in the world to pursue my passion

Mature adult:
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I am undecided on which blogs among the many blogs that I read should be put under this category. But, there is one blog that get me back down to earth, Doa Buat Alanna. It is indeed a very heart wrenching blog and among the few blogs where I drop my comment more than twice! (It is an achievement, usually I just read and never leave any comment, bad rite?). When I started reading her blog, she had just lost her daughter due to a rare illness. Her writing touched my heart and made me appreciate whatever I have in my life. Rest in peace Alanna Qish.

That is my blog hopping journey! Wish me luck to my next journey as a blogger :-)
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Still Ida said...

wow..have to say im impressed! keep on typing ya!:)

Iz said...

Hey hey.. congratulations! lepas ni boleh la blogging hari-hari. Kalau banyak sangat idea, boleh buat scheduled entries, hehehe.

Good luck!

Almiraz said...

Haluu...bagus bagus...

keep up the good workblog...lepas ni banyakkan gambar2...hehe..i suka blog ada gambar...

Coffee Mama said...

Ida,Izzy,Oleen: Thanks for the support!I'll try my best..hehe

Coffee Mama said...

Ops,lupa..nah kopi sorang satu :-P

Iz said...

Wow datang sini siap dapat kopiiiii..

Haidene Go said...

Hello there. :) Wow, very interesting list you got here. I read every blog you listed and had them bookmarked, and yours too. :)
I'm inviting you to check my blog,and hopefully you'll enjoy reading my random entries... thanks mama