Friday, June 17, 2011

Blow the candle, it’s my birthday!

Some people say that if we want our dreams to come true we have to say it out loud. So here I am making a list of my birthday wishes for my last 20 series birthday. I wish when I look back on my first 30th birthday next year, some of it has materialized.

My current favorite cake, the Pavlova

1.   Eat healthily and exercise regularly. (It’s not that I want a hot super slim body like Jessica Alba. But at least, loss some fat here and there. And yes, I have a lot of hidden fat under my clothes. Eyes can lie)

2.   Ok, let’s be specific. By eating healthily is not eating salad and fruits every day. I’m sure I can’t do that. Maybe reduce my rice intake, less fried food, fast food and junk food.

3.   Do sit-up to flatten my tummy (is this considers exercise?)

4.   Baca Quran every day after Isya’ prayer or before sleeps at night.

5.   Revamp my wardrobe. I desperately need a makeover. It’s not that I hate my looks but I keep wearing the same clothes over and over again! Most of my clothes are not wearable since I gave birth to my lil Rara. Sobs..sobs…

6.   Decide my career path (Yes, I’m still in trial and error mode)

7.   Start a small business. (I still can’t think of what I want to do as a start. Jual kuih raya boleh?)

8.    Be more patient.

9.    Buy Spanx! I envy Almiraz, Still Ida and MsWrite Addict.
10.  Buy oven so I can start baking muffin like Bree in Desperate Housewives.

11.   Be a go muslim, wife, daughter and mother (this is on my list since forever :-P)

I think this is enough. I should keep this entry as a reminder to myself. On top of everything, even though I may not fulfill some of my wishes, I know there is always a better plan for me from Allah.

P/S: Oh, by the way today is not my birthday :-P