Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sharing is caring: Aglio Olio Prawn Recipe for busy woman and man

Aglio Olio can be very bland sometimes, or most of the time? Usually, I need more seasoning in my Aglio Olio to satisfy my Malaysian taste bud. The best ever Aglio Olio I ever tasted is in Marmalade Cafe at Bangsar Village. Perfecto!

Most people would say this is an easy dish to prepare (Well, I like easy recipe). So, yesterday I tried making my own serving of Aglio Olio Prawn.

My Aglio Olio with Prawn & Broccoli

Here are the recipe:

Spaghetti (cook in boiling water with a little bit of olive oil and salt)
Prawns (Season the prawns with olive oil, pepper and salt)
Chopped Garlic (4-5 cloves)
Olive oil (recommended using extra virgin olive oil)
Dried chilies flakes
Italian herbs
Grounded black pepper
Broccolis (steam with pepper and salt) 
* You can also add other preferences such as cherry tomato, mushroom and etc. 

1. Sautée garlic (half of it) in olive oil until fragrance and add in the prawn. Put aside.
2. Sautee the remaining garlic, chilies flakes, peppers in olive oil until fragrance
3. Add in the Italian herbs and salt. Mix well and turn off the heat.
4. Toss the spaghetti in a large bowl.
5. And now u can mix it all together (sautéed seasoning in [2], prawn and broccoli)

Here is the catch. I actually did not turn off the heat and add in the spaghetti straight into the pan. I think I shouldn’t do that. Mix it outside is better to prevent it becoming too oily or soggy. Rite peeps? response. It’s ok. Enjoy you Aglio Olio!