Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sharing is Caring: Watermark using Photoscape

I have good news to share! I have install Photoscape in my desktop. I used to have it on my laptop. But since my laptop went “kaput”, I never used it because I thought I can’t install it in my desktop (Ya, ya..It’s just an excuse of my laziness to re-install).


Photoscape is software that can be used to edit your picture in a quick and easy way. You can compile your picture, add text, add frame, and play with the tone and many other function. You just need to explore it to know better. 

You can download Photoscape here for free!

Be creative with your photo

And next, I discovered (after googling here and there) that I can use Photoscape to watermark my picture. I just need to use their Batch Editor. I can preset the text and object as my watermark. So, I don’t have to re-do it all over again every time I have a new picture. It is exactly what I need!

You can find the detail instruction here in Mommy's Camera blog.

My new watermark