Sunday, February 6, 2011

Goodbye to pacifier, says my little Rara

" Goodbye to you my pacifier
  We've known each other since I am a month old
  Together we've climbed hills and tree
  Learned of love and ABC's 
Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees "

*Shed tears & head straight*

Hello peeps. This is not a sad entry, don't worry J It should be a happy entry instead. Congratulation to my little Rara for manage to stay out of pacifier for 3 days! This is a big achievement for her. She started as early as 1 month old, which is during my confinement. Since then she stuck with it L

We (Papa Ril & Me) have been trying to stop her from the pacifier since her 1st birthday. Errr...but, we don't really put any effort to make it successful. It's hard you know. Rara will crying endlessly if we refuse to give her the pacifier. So, we gave up. 

Then come 2011, Rara's 2nd birthday is approaching. Again, the urge to separate her from the pacifier came. We use garlic this time. 

1st attempt was a success. She threw away her pacifier. 2nd attempt? Well, kids nowadays are smarter than we can ever imagine. She ask me to wash the pacifier *sigh*. Then, 3rd attempt, she just happily sucking the pacifier. I guess the garlic taste is not bothering her anymore. So, we failed.

Chinese New Year, 2011
Now, we are in my hometown spending 4 days in a row public holiday for CNY. Apart of our normal routine which is "makan-makan the whole day", my mom has another plan. She has been nagging me to stop the pacifier for so long! So, she do the trick. How?

The trick
As soon as we arrive, my mom took out the wheat flour from her kitchen cabinet. She pour it in a bowl and mix it with a little bit of water. Then...she put Rara's pink pacifier in the bowl.

The next time Rara ask for the pacifier, my mom shows the bowl to her with a gross face and screeching voice saying how dirty it is. Wonders happen! Rara actually believe it and refuse to even touch it! Yeay!

But, the actual challenge is during the night. I was nervous. I even preparing myself by taking a lot of coffee, so I can stay awake to entertain Rara's screaming and wailing. She always need her pacifier to sleep. Full stop.

Rara peaceful sleep

So, she did cries early that night, but she never ask for the pacifier. She just cry and cry for 15 minutes. Then, I bring the bowl to the bedroom and show it to her. She cries even louder! But for a minutes only. Then she manage to sleep! Err..but she wakes up again 1 hour later and we do the same thing again. But that's it. She sleeps soundly after that and the 2nd night also *big smile*

Is this the end of it? We do hope so. And we hope her babysitter will be able to continue the separation too this coming Monday. Please, please, please. I believe in you my little girl, you can do it!