Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Should I buy a new stroller or buggy for a 20 months toddler?

My little girl Rara is an active girl. She can sit still for a short time only. When we touring the mall in weekend she will be running here and there anxiously. So, either one of us have to keep an eye on her and follow where ever she want to go.

She can sit in a stroller but it is also depends on our luck. Sometimes she can be very stubborn (most of the time with Papa Ril) and refuse to sit in it. *sigh* 

I want to buy a new ride for her. A light and easy to carry stroller. Currently, we have one stroller but it is quite heavy and bulky. Do you think it is too late to buy another one for her? 

I was in Toys R Us the other day and I saw a flowery pink & green Cosco Umbrella Stroller. It is only for RM129.90 and it is cute! I really want to buy it but Papa Ril do not approve it. He says that it is not that light and it is fragile. *sigh again* But it is cute! (Ok, maybe I don't really think straight here and blinded by the outer look *grin*)

Isn't it pretty? Ok, maybe the picture don't do justice to the actual look of the stroller. But hey, Rara love it too. You can see that she's voluntarily pose for me, which is seldom happens.

So, should I buy Rara a new ride? Yes? No?