Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dream first, think later...(not good, not good)

One of my colleague inform me that I’ll be getting a new laptop soon. Do you know what came across my mind? *feels shy to tell..ahem2x!* Ok, I’ll just be honest. I was thinking about a laptop bag! Guess it right peeps? (If my boss ever read this he/she will straight away disapproved the purchase of laptop :-P)

For a while I feels guilty for thinking about a bag instead of work related matter. But that guilty feeling doesn’t last long. It fades when I started browsing and googling online bag shop. Sorry boss, I’ll work harder later. For now I need this bag browsing theraphy…

Source: Google image
I used to use this kind of “school” bag as a laptop bag back then in my previous company. It is indeed convenience and practical. But I won’t do a lot of travelling in my current company and I want something feminine…Hmmm…

Source: Gin & Jacqie
How about this? More feminine and girlish. Errr…but maybe not the leopard print. I’m not that bold.

Source: Gin & Jacqie

I have this Gin & Jacqie tote in shocking pink idle in my wardrobe collecting dust. Maybe I can consider using this tote bag. Yeahh!

Dush2x! Ok, stop dreaming and back to reality. Laptop pun tak confirm dapat dah berangan jauh…Over tau! Belum lagi dapat iPad, tentu lagi jauh berangan :-P. 

Ok peeps, bye! Back to work...