Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My heart skips a beat

Ok done. I have removed the annoying comment box in my left-side bar. It full of spammer and defeat the purpose of having it! So, if anyone wants to leave any message you can either email me at or you can drop a comment on my latest entry. Ok peeps?

Since I have one available slot after removing the comment box, I decided to add the Heartbeat banner (next to my Nuffnang ads). Do you know what is Heartbeat? I get to know about Heartbeat from BabyIbu. She has once post an entry about Heartbeat.

Heartbeat is an online shopping website where you can buy a customized gift for your love one. They have quite a wide range of products. The one that attract my attention are car sign, coaster, photo balloon, mouse pad and mini tee! birthday is just around the conner. Maybe you can buy one for me, no? :-P

This is cute! For Rara’s birthday party, maybe?

Your very own car sign

Mini tee

Other than buying a gift for your love one, you can join their affiliate programme. It works like other online advertising company. You will earn income when you refer other people kind of thing. Interested? Go click my banner on the left-side bar, next to Nuffnang ads! Hahahaha…Bye peeps!