Thursday, May 5, 2011

New babysitter in the house

For the past two weeks Paparil and I have to take turn to take leave and babysit Miss Rara because her babysitter have to take emergency leaves. So, I was left with no choice and have to request emergency leaves from the Bosses too. After a few emails and “interrogation” session, the leaves were approved. Fuhhh! It’s hard to take leave nowadays even for just one day! Come on, I’m not that important rite, no?
Please approve my leave and I awarded you this, "World's Best Boss"

So, the first week (read: 1 day leave only, not the whole weeks) me and Rara just stayed at home and messing the house. We sleep, eat, plays and scolding each other. Hahaha. Oh, wait a second, we did do something meaningful! We made Mahira’s Vanilla Cinnamon Butter Spread!! Click here for the recipe.

The end product, I ate 3.5 pieces and Rara 0.5 piece only! She rather playing with the bread than eating it.

And..and.. after 3 years since my wedding day, I open the unopened gift which is the Mixer. Err, if I’m not mistaken, I think it is from one of my mom’s friend. Lucky it is still functioning. Me and Rara were happily using the mixer to mix the butter. And yes, it is a messy affair. 

Empress Stand Mixer, mine is exactly like this (I think so...)

The 2nd week, we decided to keep the house clean and organized. So we went out. A mommy + daughter outing at Midvalley, yeay! Our first stop was Baskin Robin Café. We shared 2 scoops of Mint Chocolate ice cream and Cookies n Cream Freeze. 

Rara's focusing on her ice cream

My Cookies n Cream Freeze, I forced myself to order this instead of my normal coffee flavor because I have to share it with Rara

After feeding enough sugar to keep both of us awake, off we go for the next adventure, which is Megakidz Mid Valley. Ya,ya..maybe not so adventurous for me, but Rara was thrilled. She was jumping, climbing, rocking here and there like nobody business. 

Megakidz Midvalley (RM10++ for 2years and below and RM23++ for 2 years and above)

One happy Rara :-)
However, I personally prefer Kids Sport & Gym in One Utama. Remember my last entry, Fun time with Rara at Kidz Sport Gym? Megakidz does not have much to offer for a 2 years old kid. They don’t even have ball pit here. Rara loves ball pit. Oh, but they have this ‘bouncing area’, which is the other play gym don't have. 

Younger kids area

Rara rocking the world
Well, while Rara busy with all those running and climbing, I'm having a 'me' time with my handphone :-) At least it keeps me occupied. Thanks for whoever that invents smart phone and the cool apps!

I think this entry has gone too long than my usual length. So, bye for now!