Monday, May 30, 2011

Sharing is Caring: Blogging using Microsoft Word 2007

I have discovered new thing today! I can actually post my blog entry using Microsoft Word 2007. That is exciting, at least for me. All the while I’m using blogger as the only platform to write my entry. Yet to try the suggestion by Ms Write Addict to post entry using email. I know everyone would suggest using Window Live Writer. But, I have limitation to install any kind of software in the computer *hint2*.

So, for those who does not know, let me show you the way:

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Word 2007

Step 2: Create NEW document. Two options will pop out. It is either creates “Blank document” or “New blog post”. So, of course you choose New blog post!

*Click for larger view

Step 3: Type your entry. You can insert picture too without downloading. (Errr…But my picture does not appear in my blog post. I’m not sure why and need to explore further. Sorry, I’m a newbie)

Step 4: You have to register your blog account before you can post the entry. Go to “Manage Account” tab and create New account. You have to choose your blog provider and key-in your blogger account info. 

*Click for larger view

Step 5: After you complete the registration, Click “Publish” tab. It will request your username and password. After that you are done! The entry will up and running in your blog :-)

Isn't it great how simple thing can cheer you up? Explore everything around you and you might be surprise of the outcome. Have a nice week ahead. Be good peeps!