Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tiramisu, a perfect desert for coffee lover

The beauty about blog hopping is when you get to know the things you never know and it attracts you to do the thing you never imagine you would do. For example, making a Tiramisu! (Ok, my sentence seems twisted like a tongue twister... “I sell a sea shell at the sea shore”...)

A perfect desert for coffee lover, Coffee Mama

 During my blog hopping routine to Fatin Liyana blog, I found out that making a Tiramisu is an easy peasy affair. No baking is needed, which is good because I don’t have any oven. The only complicated thing that you maybe need is a mixer. Or you can just use your hand.

Since I just recently open my long forgotten wedding gift, the mixer, I’m so excited to try this recipe and use the mixer! But that excitement doesn’t last long. Why? Well, simply because I didn’t get the chance to use the mixer. The mixer decided to explode on the day I want to make the Tiramisu (ok, not really explode, just a minor explosion with a splash of tiny fire).

I have to whisk the whipped cream using my own hand. I nearly give up because the cream keeps spilling all over the place and it don’t seem to turn into the texture that I want to. I felt like throwing the batter into the dustbin, seriously! Lucky, Paparil sense my angriness and come into rescue. He helps me with the whisking and he successfully turned the runny cream into a perfect creamy texture! The key thing is, be patient. Yes, I’m lack of it.

Ok enough whining. Here is the tiramisu recipe (I found a lot of recipe on the net. I choose the easiest and the simplest Tiramisu recipe).

The ingredients:
250g cream cheese
250g whipped cream
Sugar (depends how sweet you want it to be, I use ¾ cup of icing sugar)
Sponge biscuits/Ladyfinger/ Coffee layer cake
Coffee (any brands)
Cocoa powder

Philadelphia, Pauls, Savoiardi & Van Houten

For a first timer, introducing to you Miss Ladyfinger..*Clap2x*

The steps:
1.   Whisk the whipped cream until it turns into a stiff creamy texture. (Like whipped cream in your Starbucks, but heavier)
2.   Add in the cream cheese and sugar. Mix well. But don’t overdo it.
3.   Prepare a cup of coffee without sugar and drink. Haha. Ok joking. Prepare a cup of coffee and bring it to chill.
4.   Dip the biscuit into the coffee for a 5 second and arrange it nicely in the baking tray. (If you use coffee layer cake, you don’t have to dip the cake in the coffee)
5.   Pour the earlier mixture on the layer of biscuits and sprinkle some cocoa powder all over it.
6.   Arrange another layer by repeating steps 4 & 5.
7.   Keep in the fridge for minimum 3-4 hours. The best is overnight.

Ready to go into the fridge

Isn’t it easy? I love it. Mine turns ok and just nice to my liking, not to cheesy or milky and good texture too. Maybe next time I’ll add a little dash of coffee in the cream.  But I have one problem, it’s hard to take it out from the tray. Do you have any tips on how to have a neat slice of Tiramisu? Should I grease the baking tray with margarine or butter, no? Do share ok. Till then, bye!