Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Anniversary 101

Do you celebrate your wedding anniversary? Haha, I know…It’s a silly question. I guess most of us celebrate our wedding anniversary. Even to some of us, we celebrate our monthlyversary! (I do, before we get married *blushing*)


Ok, next question. Do you know that only today I realized that my wedding anniversary has passed by without me even notice it! *slap myself first, then virtually slaps Paparil* Yes, we forget about our BIG day! Time flies and now here we are trying to find excuses for forgetting our wedding day.

I can’t remember. Am I too busy 2 days ago? Let me check my phone maybe there is a clue :-p Oh yes, we actually quite stress that day because of Rara’s babysitter! The whole day I’m worrying about how to deal with the babysitter issue and busy looking for new nursery/taska for our little Rara. Ok, that is valid reason, rite?

So, let's talk about our wedding day. Exactly,errrr…how many years have we been married? Ok wait, I need to get my purse and check my ‘kad nikah’ to find the exact year *slap myself again*. Yes, 3 years, we have been married for 3 years! 3 years of ups and down.

3 years ago, our white & pink wedding

Even though I forget about our wedding anniversary this year, I will always remember the feeling I had during that day. The easy word to explain my feeling is HAPPY. Yes, I am happy. So, Happy 3rd year Anniversary Paparil! I want my dinner!