Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Lunch at Serai, Empire

I love to eat. I have an endless list of favorite foods and restaurants. My recent food crave is a pot of hot steaming steamboat with a lot of seafood and vegie. I even "steamboating" in my house using rice cooker! That is how crazy I am over steamboat nowadays. Oh, by the way this entry is not about steamboat anyway, sorry peeps (actually, I am reminding myself before I go on and on about steamboat..SsssSssshh).
Can I have this? I can do steamboat & grilling at the same time!
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OK, here goes the story. My colleagues have been  bragging on a restaurant called Serai in Empire Shoppping Gallery ever since Christmas (they went there without me of course). Being me, I was so tempt by their yummylicious stories! So, off we go for our Friday lunch to Serai (don't ever think that I'm forcing them, ok? :-P)

Serai is located on LG37 of Empire Shopping Galery, Subang. The restaurant serves variety of dishes, from malay authentic dishes, to western cuisine, to middle east styles and to variety of cakes. And all looks nice on the menu, you can hardly decides what to eat! After spending a good 15 minutes on the menu, this is what we ordered:   

-Seafood Marinara Spaghetti-
This is superb, the tomato sauce is just nice, not to sour, huge prawns, huge clams, huge portion. I'm full :-)

Sang Har Yin Yong
Kueytiau & crispy beehon with prawn and vegie. It's OK, not bad, you can see the prawns are all over the plate waiting to be eaten ( point is the dish has a lot of prawns)

-Aglio Olio Spageti-
Ok, I know it doesn't look anything like aglio olio *grin* But, but..we order it and it is yummy and satisfying!However, the one in Marmalade, Bangsar Village II is the best ever aglio olio I ever tasted. And this one in Serai is 2nd best :-)

-Pavlova Cake-
This is the highlight of the day. OMG! I love this cake, everything about the cake is mouth watering. I will definitely order this pavlova again. I'm not good at describing food, but this is a must try cake.Full stop.


Iz said...

wowww.. 'aglio olio' tu macam bestttt jeeee.. nanti i nak try lah, hehehhehe

Coffee Mama said...

Kaaannn...tak pernah2 dibuat orang Aglio Olio serve dalam mangkuk!hahaha