Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun time with Rara at Kidz Sports & Gym, One Utama

Happy Rara, swimming through the colorful balls

Rara is my daughter (yes, u will be reading a lot about her in this blog J). She loves playing with balls. We brought her to Kidz Sports & Gym, One Utama, a few times.  There, they have a balls pit with lot and lots of colorful balls! She truly enjoys her time there. Jumping in and out of the balls pit, cruising around the play field and chasing other kids (older kids included, huh)!
The entrance fee for kids below 2 is RM10 only and subsequently, the fee will be RM25 (err…I think so, don’t really paying attention, haha) There are lots more to play with for the older kids, hence the higher fees. You can even drop your kids here and go for a shopping spree in One Utama (but not sure whether they are reliable or not).
Stunt 1: Rara 'willying' with her ride..Vrrrooommm!

Stunt 2: Ok, got bored with riding the ride, get creative, trying pulling the ride into the ball pit

Stunt 3: Huh...Style no.1 not succeeded, trying very hard to lift it again. Come on ridey, join me in the ball pit (Rara says to herself). 1...2...3...!

Yeay! Mission accomplished. Safely landed into the ball pit.
Roger & Out...


Almiraz said...

OMG Rara....creative sungguh!!!...and very determined!

Coffee Mama said...

Kannn...She's trying hard, tapi at last mama dia kena tolong angkatkan jugak..hehe

Iz said...

Ahahahahahahaha hebat la rara cuba nak angkat 'motor' dia. Kuatnyaa

Joanna Woon said...

Ok added coffee mama to my blog list. Bila nak buat family portraits session ni?

Coffee Mama said...

Izzy: Kalau boleh dia nak angkat bawak balik terus..haha

Jo: TQ!Long overdue project,weekends always full..huhu