Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sharing is Caring: How to add "You Might Also Like" widget

I am a new in the blogging arena. All this widgets and html thingy is totally new to me *sigh*. But, I have been blog hopping for quite some times and I know what I like and do not like to see in a blog. So, this "You Might Also Like" widget is one of my favorite. It appears under each post and shows the related entries from the archive. And luckily, it is easy to install J

How to add "You Might Also Like" widget:

Steps 1 - Login to your blogger account

Steps 2 - Go to LinkWithin website and key-in your blog details in the Get Widget column.

Steps 3 - After that, you will be directed to the steps-by-steps instruction page. All you have to do is follow the simple steps and 'voila', you are done!

The step-by-step instruction pages

Simple, isn't it? I have yet to figure out on how to install CommentLuv widget. Tried once but unsuccessful. Till then, bye! 

Jbrought to you by CM in Sharing is Caring


Almiraz said...

I buat pun tak jadi!!!...please tulis satu entry jugak untuk comment luv ya!

Coffee Mama said...

Will try :-)