Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gin & Jacqie Christmas Contest: The prizes

In my previous entry Gin & Jacqie Christmas Contest, The winning photo  , I have not written on the prizes that I won. It’s simply because, the prizes are too fabulous and it needs its own entry  J . Ok2, maybe I am a bit exaggerating here. But hey! It’s not every day I’m being showered with lots of bags worth RM400! Thank you to Gin & Jacqie J
So, let’s take a tour with me.

Megan Travel Clutch

This is my personal favorite. The size is just perfect for a short trip to the mall with my little Rara. It has several inner compartments which can nicely fits my wallet, hand phone, make-ups, plus a diaper and a wet tissue for Rara. It is minimal with styles J

Rebecca Tote

What I love the most about this bag are the colorful prints. Usually I will shy away from these types of prints, afraid that I won’t be using it. But since this is FREE, I won’t regret much..haha. I will definitely use it for a walk to the park or, our Saturday breakfast trip. If I will to choose, I would prefer the pink and black color combination J

Organize Jacq
Oh, I just love this. This is indeed a great companion for someone like me, who always lost her keys or lipstick in a bag. It has small, wide, big, narrow compartments, you name it. I usually use it with my Jodie Tote (also from Gin & Jacqie).

Anna Jewellery Holder

Do you carry around your jewellery or accessories with you while travelling? I don’t. I have yet to figure out what should I use this case for. Errmm…on a second thought, maybe I should keep my brooches in this.

Multi-purpose Cindy
This is not one of the prizes. I bought it myself. And I just need to share this collection of mine with you peeps! I love this Cindy, it is cheeky, girlish and cute! They are having promotion on this now, go grab one J. They slashed the price from RM69.90 to RM41.90.

You can find all the bags at Gin & Jacqie website. Have fun shopping!

*all images are from Gin & Jacqie.


Almiraz said...

Wah bestnya!

Coffee Mama said...

Hehe..Ada yang berkenan tak?